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Sajjad Anwar


When Maps Go Wrong...

Submitted Aug 12, 2012

The objective is to demystify the state of the popular geospatial repositories. It is important to understand how the type, quality and strategy of data collection and analysis varies with respect to the agency or organization formulating the process. And what happens when things go wrong...


The session will open with a discussion on the state of the geospatial repositories, both open and proprietary, leading to an understanding of data beurocracies and interests. We look at the cartographic goof-ups and discuss how reliable the existing data sources are. And end with a note on the scope to improve the current situation.

Speaker bio

Sajjad Anwar is a hacktivist and programmer. He works on the research and design of data analytics and infographics. He loves maps and have been part of the OpenStreetMap project for over four years. While helping several non-profits to bootstrap their geospatial infrastructure, he has build extensive experience on using and deploying the right technology for the same.


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