Cartonama Conference

Making the most of geospatial data, community mapping, and location-based services.



Sourcing, processing, and indexing location data for search

Submitted Aug 31, 2012

One can learn about the following by attending the lecture:
1. Open sources of geodata
2. Tools to process such data
3. Indexing them to build a simple location-enabled search engine


  1. Open sources for location information associated with structured and semi-structured data
    Wikipedia, DBPedia, Freebase, Geonames, US Military database etc.
  2. Tools and methods to process the identified feeds:
    Google Refine, RDF libraries, custom feed processors
  3. Building a simple search engine using the data processed above to support the following:
    Point, range, and neighbourhood searches

Draws from my experience extracting information from various online sources for building a mobile search engine ( as well as for building custom search systems at Ideophone.


A basic idea of the following:
1. geodata
2. webservices

Speaker bio

Sundar has built/worked-on a number of information retrieval systems for Y! Travel, Shopping, Hotjobs,, and Ideophone. His primary work has been in crawling the web, extracting structured data from semi-structured information and processing that for indexing.


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