Machine Habitus

Machine Habitus

Live discussion with author Massimo Airoldi

We commonly think of society as made of and by humans, but with the proliferation of machine learning and AI technologies, this is clearly no longer the case. Billions of automated systems tacitly contribute to the social construction of reality by drawing algorithmic distinctions between the visible and the invisible, the relevant and the irrelevant, the likely and the unlikely – on and beyond platforms.
Drawing on the work of Pierre Bourdieu, this book develops an original sociology of algorithms as social agents, actively participating in social life. Through a wide range of examples, Massimo Airoldi shows how society shapes algorithmic code, and how this culture in the code guides the practical behaviour of the code in the culture, shaping society in turn. The ‘machine habitus’ is the generative mechanism at work throughout myriads of feedback loops linking humans with artificial social agents, in the context of digital infrastructures and pre-digital social structures.

Machine Habitus will be of great interest to students and scholars in sociology, media and cultural studies, science and technology studies and information technology, and to anyone interested in the growing role of algorithms and AI in our social and cultural life.

We will start the event with a brief summary of the book by the author. This will be followed by a number of questions from the moderator followed by a discussion in which the audience is warmly encouraged to participate.

Grab the book and see you on July 27th -

About the Author
Massimo Airoldi is a sociologist and Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Milan.

Moderated by
Michiel Baas, an anthropologist working on the topic of AI and author of the book ‘Muscular India’.

Contact details
For queries, write to or call 7676332020


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Machine Habitus - Live discussion with author Massimo Airoldi

Machine Habitus - Live discussion with author Massimo Airoldi

1 hour27 July 2022

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