Privacy 101 Workshop for Marketers

Privacy 101 Workshop for Marketers

A training session for Adtech and Martech practitioners



What is this course about?

Data Privacy is changing the very foundation of Digital Marketing today.

What we have taken for granted so far – availability of detailed tracking and behaviour profiling of target audiences leading to personalization of content or advertising messages – is rapidly eroding. Consumers are becoming aware and, therefore, demanding. Privacy and data protection laws are getting stringent. India is close to passing its own law. Adtech and Martech, as we know them today, are set to change with fundamental models being questioned and disrupted.

What does the hapless marketer do in this scenario? How does she make sense of what is really going on and what she needs to do as a result?

To help address these questions, and to equip marketers to deal with the privacy and data protection regulations and laws strategically, two senior industry experts – Shivangi Nadkarni - co-founder and CEO of Arrka - and Ajay Kelkar - co-founder of Hansa Cequity and ex-CMO of HDFC Bank - have collaborated to produce and teach this workshop to Adtech and Martech practitioners.

Who should attend:

  1. Technology practitioners building B2C products - to ensure that consumer privacy in integrated into the product at the design stage itself.
  2. Analytics teams - to understand implications of using analytics for personalization.
  3. CRM and loyalty program managers.
  4. Data scientists - to understand how privacy implications can impact methods and processes.
  5. Data architects - to help their companies redesign privacy compliant databases.
  6. Data management experts who need to ensure their operational practices are fully compliant with the law.
  7. Marketing practitioners - to understand how privacy impacts their consumers and marketing operations.
  8. Advertising and digital agency and marketing services; business executives - to help their clients navigate this complex landscape.
  9. IT specialists who work closely with marketing teams.

Takeaway for participants:

  1. Case Studies outlining specific situations that marketers typically face.
  2. Understand the implications of customer privacy in the context of deep personalization and data-based marketing.
  3. Familiarize yourself with how to build trust with consumers by implementing privacy principles across the customer life-cycle.
  4. Understand the implications of privacy policies (and for Martech and CRM) on digital advertising technique that use customers’ personal data, in the form of a personal profile, to decide which advertising is delivered to them.

Certification and training materials: An electronic certificate of participation will be issued after completion of the workshop. PDF copies of workshop materials and presentations will be shared with participants before and on the day of the workshop.

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