Navigating AI Challenges in Radiology

Implementation of AI Systems and Risk Mitigation in Radiology and Clinical Delivery

About the talk

Bargava Subramanian, Chief Product and Data Officer at 5C Network, and Dr Praveen Shastry, Head of Clinical Excellence at 5C Network and Head of Technical and Clinical Academics at Manipal HealthMap, will be discussing the implementation of AI systems in radiology and mitigating various risks pertaining to the same. The discussion will be moderated by Dr Anand Philip and Dr Hannah Thomas, editors of the healthtech track for the AI and Risk Mitigation project.

Computer vision and large language models (LLMs) significantly enhance the clinical delivery of radiology by augmenting diagnostic precision and efficiency. Computer vision algorithms excel at pattern recognition in imaging, identifying nuances that may elude the human eye, such as early signs of diseases like cancer. LLMs contribute by processing vast amounts of radiology reports to generate insights, assist in decision-making, and augment report creation, reducing the cognitive load on radiologists. Together, they improve patient outcomes. In this talk, the speakers explain why AI is inevitable in Radiology and based on their experience implementing it in real-life Clinical Delivery setting, provide a framework to understand and mitigate risks when building and using AI-driven systems in healthcare.

Key takeaways for the audience

  1. The various areas in Radiology where AI systems can be implemented
  2. Risks associated with using AI systems in radiology and in clinical delivery
  3. Building guardrails, ecosystems and best practices to mitigate these risks through a mix of privacy-preserving practices and human intervention

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About the speakers

Bargava Subramanian is the Chief Product and Data Officer at 5C Network. His expertise is in building AI-driven products. He has significant experience in computer vision, LLMs, forecasting and recommendation systems. He is currently building a suite of AI products to revolutionise the field of Diagnostics.

Dr Praveen Shastry is the head of Clinical Excellence at 5C Network and heads Technical and Clinical Academics at Manipal HealthMap. He specialized in Musculoskeletal Imaging and is a Senior Consultant Radiologist. He has significant experience in integrating AI in clinical setup.

RSVP and venue

This session will be held online on the 9th of November from 7 pm - 8:30 pm. You can RSVP to participate via Zoom or watch the livestream on YouTube.

About the AI and Risk Mitigation series

This session is part of the AI and Risk Mitigation series which will host meet-ups/talks on healthtech, fintech, agritech, and ed-tech and public services. These will be a mix of online and hybrid sessions. Takeaways from these sessions will be used to develop a knowledge repository in the form of practical guidelines and a self-regulated charter for Ethical AI.

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