Empowering Extension Workers: AI-Enabled Tools for Farmer Engagement

Navigating AI implementation to bridge the agriculture knowledge gap

About the talk

In India, there are between 300,000 to 500,000 extension workers who play a crucial role in disseminating agricultural information to farmers. In this session, Vineet Singh will talk about how Digital Green is using AI to improve the cost-effectiveness of public extension systems with an AI assistant for front line extension workers. He will also delve into various challenges with AI implementation in this process and discuss strategies to mitigate them effectively.

About the speaker

Vineet Singh, CTO at Digital Green, has nearly 20 years of experience across various domains working in AI and Robotics. He has also helped build FarmStack at Digital Green, a platform to help farmers own their data through decision making on what to share with whom.

Samruddhi Mokal will be moderating the session. She is currently working on AI use cases in multiple industries including cybersecurity and automation of manual office tasks.

RSVP and venue

This session will be held online on the 26th of March from 7 pm - 8 pm. You can RSVP to participate via Zoom or watch the livestream on YouTube.

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