Call for Presentations

Call for Presentations

Speak at Anthill Inside sessions on Artificial Intelligence

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Submission guidelines

If you work on:

  1. Application of AI - or have an idea you want to discuss and get feedback on.
  2. Tooling for AI - open source, proprietary, custom build - and why did you choose it
  3. Managing data, including labeling, quality of data, data types and data privacy
  4. Engineering for AI
  5. Product development with AI
  6. Ethics and AI
  7. Other topics associated with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) ecosystem

You can submit:

  1. Workshops
  2. Paper discussions
  3. Talks
  4. Demos

and use the opportunity to get feedback from the community.

The audience for Anthill Inside sessions consists of:

  1. AI practitioners including data scientists, engineers and architects
  2. Researchers
  3. Product managers using AI
  4. Cybersecurity and data security practitioners

If you work/represent one of these audience segments, you should consider sharing your work/experiences and insights with the Anthill Inside community. You can also leave comments on presentation ideas submitted here and/or propose for someone who should speak at these sessions.

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Submissions are closed for this project

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Predictive Maintenance in HVAC Industry

Arnab Biswas (@arnabbiswas)

  • Submitted
  • Sun, 22 Nov
Format: 40 min talk

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Submissions are closed for this project

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