Anthill Inside 2018

Anthill Inside 2018

On the current state of academic research, practice and development regarding Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Harsh Gupta


What you cannot do with Machine Learning

Submitted Mar 31, 2018

During this “boom” of machine learning and data driven technologies, there is an underlying belief that given enough data any problem is solvable. But like any other technology, machine learning is a tool, appropriate for some problems and not so appropriate for others. Though this talk I would like to remind the community of the things which cannot be done through machine learning.


  1. data taken without context can be worse than useless
  2. complex systems can fool you
  3. the metrics you use can have unintended consequences

Speaker bio

Harsh Gupta is an engineer at Nilenso, India’s first employee owned software cooperative. His background is in mathematics and computing and he has spent a fair amount of time thinking about aspects of fairness in machine learning as part of his master’s thesis.



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