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Anthill Inside 2018

On the current state of academic research, practice and development regarding Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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The Sentimental Computer- the Art and Science of Making Computers Understand Sentiment and Emotion

Submitted May 2, 2018

Can computers think? Can they have emotion? Such questions are no longer in the realm of fantasy, but are real possibilities in the horizon. Computers are no longer number crunchers; the new age AI make high demands of computers. Deep meaning understanding, sentiment and emotion, translation, inference etc. are the cutting edge technologies that are pushing the frontiers of human computer interaction.


In the current presentation, we will survey the state of the art and future directions in analysis and generation of sentiment and emotion by computers. Some of the problems of utmost complexity like sarcasm, thwarting, cross lingual sentiment will also be looked into.

Speaker bio

Prof. Pushpak Bhattacharyya is the recent past President of ACL- the highest body guiding NLP and ML work (2016-17). He is the Director of IIT Patna and ex Vijay and Sita Vashi Chair Professor in IIT Bombay, Computer Science and Engineering Department. He was educated in IIT Kharagpur (B.Tech), IIT Kanpur (M.Tech) and IIT Bombay (PhD). He has been visiting scholar and faculty in MIT, Stanford, UT Houston and University Joseph Fouriere (France). Prof. Bhattacharyya’s research areas are Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and AI. He has guided more than 250 students (PhD, masters and Bachelors), has published more than 300 research papers and led government and industry projects of international and national importance. A significant contribution of his is Multilingual Lexical Knowledge Bases and Projection. Author of the text book ‘Machine Translation’ Prof. Bhattacharyya is loved by his students for his inspiring teaching and mentorship. He is a Fellow of National Academy of Engineering, Eminent Engineer awardee of Institute of Engineers India, recipient of Patwardhan Award of IIT Bombay and VNMM award of IIT Roorkey- both for technology development, and faculty grants of IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo and United Nations.

A recent web analysis places Prof. Bhattacharyya in the list of most prolific researchers on NLP and ML


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