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droidconIN 2016

The Art of Scaling Mobile Apps - Tips, Tricks and Strategies learned on App with 20M+ Downloads

GO-JEK is Indonesia’s largest startup, growing 900X in the 18 months since launch. GO-JEK’s platform powers the Indonesian equivalents of Ola, PayTM, Swiggy, Grophers, Zomato, Dunzo and UrbanClap - all using a SINGLE app, and at comparable scale. GO-FOOD alone already does more daily orders than all Indian food tech startups combined. more
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  • 10 Aug 2016
Section: Full talk (40 minutes) Technical level: Advanced

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Realtime System Uptime Tracking for 2M req/min

@GO-JEK, we serve more than 3M+ customers daily. This involves rigorous discipline around system reliability and availability. One of the tools that helps us achieve this goal is our Realtime System Uptime Tracking. more
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  • 26 Feb 2018
Technical level: Intermediate

The Fifth Elephant Open Source AI Hackathon 2024

Bodhilib - An OSS multi-language, performant, plugin architecture based, composable LLM library

Bodhilib Bodhilib is an Open-Source, performant, plugin architecture based, composable LLM library. more
  • Confirmed
  • 18 Jan 2024
Category: AI tools/SDK innovation

February 2024 Rustacean Meetup

Bodhilib - An OSS multi-language LLM library

Bodhilib Bodhilib is a multi-language LLM library. The core components of bodhilib are written in Rust. Currently provides Python bindings using PyO3. more
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  • Confirmed & scheduled
  • 18 Jan 2024