mee.tup by dra.ft

emergent ideas of text and its future

dra.ft is putting together a mee.tup as a follow-up to the first co-po-jam (code poetry jam) that was held last week (on May-15), where we explored the poetic potentials of computer code with interactive and visual poetry, NLP-based blackout poetry generator, AR-based Haiku generator, speculative fiction, beat-poeting with live coded music and much more.

This week on May-23, join us for an informal mee.tup for some experiments and conversations around computation and poetry to continue this exploration in the world of code poetry. Join on Jitsi Meet here.

mee.tup is an experimental, fun, online (for now) gathering where we openly talk and test new ideas of text.
In this mee.tup we will

  • collaborate with machines on some quick and dirty improv poetry,
  • discuss why its important to look at computation and poetry in a common space,
  • talk about growing our community.

//This sync-up doesn’t need any knowledge of coding!
//We also encourage womxn poets and writers to co-author with machines and other humans.
//This meet-up is free and open-to-all


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