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experiments from dra.ft lab

What happens if we try to escape, hack, merge or excavate platforms? An exploration of future forms of text and e-literature from the Collaborative Text Lab at dra.ft.

As part of the Electronic Literature Organization 2021 Arts Program, dra.ft presents an exhibition focused on Indian and Asian E-Lit. The exhibition emerges out of a month-long Collaborative Text Lab engaging platforms and creators of the region in collective study and experimentation to explore e-lit when moving beyond the flatness and boundaries of platforms.

freeFall future.text - escaping or excavating platforms

The platform implies flatness, a representative tactic, a simplification, a reduction and yet it presents itself as a land full of potential. We pose some points of departure: What is it that the platform cannot do? What is it that the platform cannot know about itself? Where is its edge beyond which we can experience a free fall? What if we excavate the platform? What if we desire to go inside it rather than hang around on its surface? What if there are more dimensions to it?

Join us for a showcase and interaction session as the creators from text lab share their experiments.

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