Testimonials for Privacy Mode

Testimonials for Privacy Mode

Importance of a community for data privacy for India's technology ecosystem

Atif Akhtar

Atif Akhtar


Building the right mindset for data-driven products

Submitted May 25, 2022

With the fast paced data driven and insights driven digitization of services there is a very clear gap in understanding how drastically choices made by technology can impact the lives of the customer and the common man. Education and awareness about security, ethics and human rights is supremely important in shaping and building the right mindset leading to the right data driven products that take an informed decision and approach based on these principles.
As such Privacy Mode is doing a commendable job by facilitating open for all discussions to build awareness, challenging commonly misunderstood principles and placing responsibility onto the creators of next gen technology platforms. The discussions are interesting, and often super insightful with relevant speakers delivering on niche topics on privacy, security and ethics.


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