• Joined Mar 2023

The Optymize platform connects exceptionally talented software developers with remote engineering jobs at Silicon Valley and US-based companies. With 20K+ vetted engineers on the platform and 500+ engineers being placed on clients’ projects, we are indeed doing something valuable.

  • Optymize is the preferred platform for finding remote US software engineering jobs. You get AI/ML-based profile filtration for accurate matching with seamless invoicing and
    team management.

  • Optymize offers a wide range of long-term, full-time remote jobs for Full Stack, Front-End, Back-End, Mobile, DevOps, and AI/ML developers.

  • Optymize remote developers enjoy higher pay than local standards in most countries, a healthy work-life balance, a strong sense of community, and rapid career growth.

We are a very strong team where CXOs have 15+ years of experience in running development
agencies and building product development companies. CXOs have also worked together for more than 5+ years and they understand the pain point deeply.

The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.
visit us for more: https://optymize.io/