On theory and practice of PureScript

James Brock

Monadic Parsers at the Input Boundary

Submitted Jan 30, 2022

When reading a byte stream over the process I/O boundary, the first thing which everyone should do is to parse the byte stream with a monadic parser.

The talk will discuss

  • Processes and input byte streams.
  • Monadic parsers. What they are and why they matter.
  • The design and use of the purescript-parsing library.
  • How to use monadic parsers instead of regular expressions with the purescript-parsing-replace library.
  • When not to use monadic parsers.

This talk is intended for an audience who has some familiarity with monads and regular expressions. This talk is inspired and informed by the essay Parse, don’t validate by Alexis King.

Slides and script: https://github.com/jamesdbrock/monadic-parsers-at-input-boundary


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