50p 2017

50p 2017

A conference about India's digital payments ecosystem.

Fareed Jawad


Payment Instruments - cards at the till and online

Submitted Jan 17, 2017

We will talk about what opportunities have been created with the country’s move to digital from cash. How is the existing infrastructure being leveraged to transact in a face2face environment. What does the life of a card as a payment instrument look like? Will mobile phones completely replace cards as the form factor?
We will talk about various interactions that are being experimented to enable electronic transactions. The audience take aways would include thoughts on various form factors, technologies and interactions between a buyer and seller for payments that are secure, reliable and convenient at the same time.


Typical payment instruments. Interactions at POS devices. Special use cases where time is of the essence. Relook at authorizations - are they always necessary. Is there a case of local store of value for sub 1-s interactions. Can I leave my wallet at home and just carry my mobile? Challenges and opportunities with new payment modes - UPI, Wallets, Prepaid cards (virtual and physical). Interactions around sound, magnetic loop induction and other contact less modes. Questions.


An open mind

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