50p 2017

50p 2017

A conference about India's digital payments ecosystem.

Siddarth Ramaswamy


Escrow to facilitate financial transactions between wallets

Submitted Oct 6, 2016

In this digital era, there are many times when we need to perform transactions online or throught mobile without actually meeting the transacting individuals / entities in person. What an escrow tries to solve is providing the security of money or goods worth through a fair platform to transact safely and securely.

The system proposed acts as a mediating platform between two entities for example a buyer and seller. The buyer initiates a fund transfer to the platform and the platform informs the seller of the transaction being successful. After which the seller initiates the delivery of the purchased product, once delivered the buyer acknoledges recieving and accepting the product. Once the product is accepted, the platform initiates the transfer to a seller account. This way you are ensuring there is a fair play with both entities.

The application of such a system spans various industries, and would be elaborated more during the talk.


  • What is an escrow
  • The need of an escrow
  • Proposed Method
  • Merits of an escrow
  • Demerits of an escrow
  • Industry Verticals
  • Revenue Models
  • Conculsion

Speaker bio

An tech and product evangelist with strong emphasis on technology, design and product processes which enable management of products through the whole life-cycle from ideation to retirement. Have helped build products in domains of food, data management, marketing and now payments. Presently a product manager with GoJek concentrating on various aspects of digital payments.


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