50p 2017

50p 2017

A conference about India's digital payments ecosystem.

Bhasker Kode


B2B payments in India - Are we all in the credit business?

Submitted Jul 27, 2016

With late payments being the norm & other macro-econonomic factors in India - Are most companies in the credit business? A talk about pre-paid, post-paid, and everything in between for businesses that depend on payments from other startups/businesses - to survive and thrive.


  • Industry specific trends wrt late payments.
  • Default Rates, Arbitrage & worst-case scenarios
  • Bounces, Chargebacks, ECS penalties, Defaults, Risk, Compliance & Arbitrage
  • How can you structure advance payments & security deposits to help your biz cash flow?
  • Late fees vs interest vs marketing budget vs chargeback & other accounting tricks
  • Loan vs credit vs factoring vs refundable deposits
  • NEFT vs cheque vs PG Flat transaction fees vs wallet
  • SaaS recurring payments for customers in India
  • Primer on Pre-Paid Vs Debit Vs Credit & Wallets
  • How do consulting companies structure payments?
  • How do marketplaces structure payments?
  • How do telecom companies manage post-paid bills?
  • How do banks & NBFC’s structure loans?
  • Cashless India


Happy to hear your own anecdotes - and share notes privately or to be in included in the deck.

Speaker bio

Tech, Product, Sales @ Technology startups for 10 years. 2x entrepreneur at stealth.



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