50p 2017

A conference about India's digital payments ecosystem.

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 Web Payments API

Payment Authentication

Submitted by Manjula Sridhar (@manjulasridhar) on Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Technical level: Advanced Status: Cancelled


Convenience v/s security continues to be a challenge and one of the key user focussed issue remains authentication. There are spectrum of solutions each address one aspect and rationalising others. This talk is a deep dive into the attacks and solution metrics.


Threat Model for Payments
Array of Solution.
Mapping the solutions to the threat model

Speaker bio

Manjula Sridhar is the founder of startup ArgByte Technologies (https://www.argbyte.com). Earlier she founded and was CTO of Aujas Networks. She has broad experience in corporate and has done various roles from deep technology to sales in various MNCs such Lucent , Arcot (CA Technologies) and Huwawei. She is a fellow at iSpirt an Entrepreneurial Think Tank for indian product entrepreneurship and runs a boot-camp for pre entrepreneurs. An Engineer with masters in network security, She has completed executive management program from IIMB. She is avid endurance athlete and has completed a half ironman and is a super randonneur. More details at http:///linkedin.com/in/manjulasridhar.


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