Bengaluru Mini Maker Faire 2015

Bengaluru Mini Maker Faire 2015

A celebration of local maker culture and community with fascinating people who love sharing what they can do!

The Maker Faire is a celebration of local maker culture and community. It is a gathering of fascinating, curious people who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they can do. India is yet to host such a celebration on a grand scale as a Maker Faire but is headed for one in 2016. As a precursor to it, Workbench Projects in collaboration with NASSCOM is hosting the first ever “Mini Maker Faire” in India.

The Mini Maker Faire will be held at Taj Vivanta, Yeshwantpur Bangalore on 15th October 2015 and will host a HUGE bevy of makers and tinkerers who will be displaying their inventions, creations and products for everyone and anyone to feast their eyes upon! From science and technology to the arts and culinary, the BMMF is a platform to showcase the innovations which people have made, prototyped or developed as a product. It is a chance to show the world that INDIA is INNOVATING as well.We aim to make the Mini Maker Faire a community-based learning event that inspires anyone and everyone to become a maker, an event which is engaging, active and above all fun!

We have gotten a lot of interesting applications to exhibit at the Bengaluru Mini Maker Faire. Over 200 to be precise! We have selected around 20 to exhibit, 20 projects by school children and the remaining 20 (out of the 50 shortlisted ones) for you guys to decide!
We will be putting the applicants and their exhibit projects through a funnel so that people can vote on which one they would like to see at the Faire. So please lend us a hand and start voting. Remember, whether they can showcase or not depends on you! Last date to vote is on 30th September.

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Namaste, I Wish to introduce, DIY SOLAR EDUCATIONAL KIT - DIY Solar Portable System

Submitted Sep 22, 2015



I Wish to introduce, DIY SOLAR EDUCATIONAL KIT - DIY Solar Portable System.
There are many students, techie, people doesn’t think about usage of solar, they feel its some complicated technology, can not manage or merge solar power with available electricity source, as they do not have hands on experience and clear information about usage of solar, they are not stepping into build solar powered home, office, so on..

But in reality, solar is nothing but sun battery, its not at all rocket science, in the recent years, solar became very very very cost effective, but still most are not concentrated on these, not utilizing it.

Solar is a great boon for portable electricity production, many scientists working on increasing efficiency of solar, today consumers can get upgraded technology solar panels which are 22% conversion rate, compared to previous years where 18% conversion was maximum.

Portable solar systems always portray as costly, due to many hands involved in to it, if end user get clear picture about solar, they can use them in their every day life, slowly once they familiar with it, they plan for solar home, office, plant.

My solar kits are designed in such way to help every to understand about solar completely, so their illusion/ignorance towards solar will be vanished and make them to love solar. we are offering them at very cheapest cost, very minimal cost just the reason, to make them to every literates of India,

Jai hind.

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Raghavendra V
Raghavendra V


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