Web performance - Beginners

Web performance - Beginners

The goal of this workshop is to equip our students with hands-on information on - Measure - Mitigate - Maintain the performance aspects of a website or web application



This workshop is about teaching the fundamentals of web performance. Participants will learn about:

  • Importance of web performance
  • Why it is so challenging
  • Basics of measurement and monitoring
  • How to use Google Lighthouse
    -> Hands-on exercises that will help in learning how to make a slow website faster.

Who is this workshop for?

  • You know a bit of Javascript/HTML/CSS. You’ve done atleast a couple of portfolio projects or already worked in a company.
  • You know the basics of debugging and using dev tools. You want to advance your knowledge and career learning how to do website performance and help your team write fast front-end code.

What do you need for this workshop?

  • A laptop equipped with Chrome browser.
  • Patience and enthusiasm to learn a niche subject.

What will you take away from this workshop?

  • Confidence about existing terminology around web performance and common principles.
  • Ease of working with Lighthouse or Chrome dev tools performance tab, and make reasonable observations on performance of any website.
  • Get experience measuring and fixing a real life performance issues i.e., font/image/render blocking.

About the instructor

Pavithra Kodmad is a front-end engineer with over 10 years of experience writing Javascript. Worked on the performance enhancement of various large scale apps like Flipkart and Jira. Pretty passionate about developer tooling and helping devs write faster software by default.


Had a power-packed workshop on web performance by Pavithra Kodmad which covered almost everything a web developer should know about performance.

  • Kanishk Gupta, UI Developer at Flipkart

Thank you Pavithra Kodmad for helping us understand Lighthouse. Worked on improving my portfolio site.

  • Supriya Minnasandram, Software Engineer

More testimonials at https://web-perf.dev/

Contact details

For inquiries about the workshop, contact +91-7676332020 or write to support@hasgeek.com

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