VueBLR #27 Meetup

Vue Meetup group event for India

MEVN-CLI, Light speed setup for MEVN stack webapps

Submitted by James George (@jamesgeorge007) on May 22, 2020

Status: Confirmed & scheduled


I aim to introduce the capabilities of MEVN-CLI to the audience, say how can one get up and running quickly with a MEVN stack application.


Make people aware of the various commands available as part of MEVN-CLI, possibly build something really quick in course of the demo.

Speaker bio

I’m an undergraduate student pretty much involved into open source at the moment. I’ve been a consumer of the various toolings available as part of the Vue.js ecosystem and I really wanted to give back to the community, it was this thought that led me to create MEVN-CLI.




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