AI and Design- The way forward

How AI services are affecting design process, making tech more accessible and can truly augment human ingenuity

The focus on AI in popular culture has never been greater than now. This is in large part thanks to the advent of Generative AI built by OpenAI (with whom Microsoft has an exclusive partnership). Models from OpenAI – namely GPT, ChatGPT, Dall-e, Codex etc. – have captured the mindshare of society at large by virtue of how easy they are to tinker with, and even more so owing to the fantastic results they can produce – from coherent responses to complex queries in natural language, to creating entirely new imagery and visualizations. How will these capabilities shape our personal and professional lives? How can we - as creatives and designers - harness the power of these technologies to the maximum. Are the concerns about AI displacing human ability really true? And what’s to come in the time ahead, as these capabilities evolve and reach new heights. Suhrid is a Senior PM in the Azure Cognitive Services team at Microsoft, where he helps customers - both internal and external - infuse the power of AI in their apps and workflows. Prior to this, he was looking at Passwords in the re-born Microsoft Edge browser, where he helped ship several security features to millions of users worldwide. His nearly decade-long career is split equally across Product Management and Design roles across companies like Myntra, Ola cabs, Zynga games and Microsoft


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The future of AI and design

The future of AI and design

Suhrid Palsule

1 hour11 March 2023

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