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Here are some of the most underrated players in the history of the most loved team Chicago cubs.

Since Chicago Cubs have played so long ago and did not have the benefit of WGN-TV or radio, the roster of the 1904–1912 teams probably had several underrated players. You don’t win 91 plus games 9 years in a row and play in 4 World Series with just a great ace pitcher and a talented double-play combination.

There must have been a great supporting cast. But sticking to more recent times, the most underrated was Rick Reuschel, the 10th best player in Cub history. He was “underrated,” because the Cubs imprudently let him go to other teams twice. At the age of 32, and despite 10 years of excellent pitching for mostly woeful Cub teams, he was traded to the Yankees for Doug Bird in 1981.

During his first 10 years with the Cubs, Rick won 129 games and only once had an ERA over 3.73. Two years after the Cubs traded him, Rick re-signed with the Cubs. He struggled to get his form back in 1984, following an injury, so the Cubs figured he was washed up at 35, and let him go as a free agent. He wasn’t. Here are some of the coolest joe Dimaggio jerseys and Javier Baez jerseys available.

Rick Reuschel wound up pitching for 6 more years, winning 2 more gold gloves, and making two more all-star appearances. The 1989 Cubs team sure could have used Rick, even at 40 years of age, when he won 17 games and made the all-star team for the final time. When Rick retired at the age of 42, he had won 88 games after the Cubs let him go the second time. Rick Reuschel was the most underrated Cub of all time.