Society track of The Goa Project 2016

neha singh

The future of Why Loiter? - new ideas for outreach

Submitted Jan 11, 2016

to discuss various new avenues that can be explored, through the arts/design/performances/any new medium to make the Why loiter? movement reach out to more women (and men) across urban and rural India.


The talk will include what the Why loiter? book suggests, which is, free and unconditional right of women to public space and the right to take risk to make public spaces safer and more accessible to women. The Why loiter? movement that takes its inspiration from the book and has been operational for the last one and a half years in Mumbai, and now has inspired similar groups in Jaipur and Allahbad. The various sessions and campaigns that are already in place as part of the movement. And then letting the discussion open to what can be possibly the future goals, strategies and ideas to make this movement a national campaign to make public spaces safe and accessible to women across India.



Speaker bio

I am the founder of the Why loiter? Movement in Mumbai. I organise loitering sessions with women every weekend and loiter in various public spaces across the city. I also am the editor of the why loiter blog. I conduct workshops and lectures with students and women about the right to loiter and equal access to public spaces, regardless of gender.




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