Performing Arts

The Performing Arts track of The Goa Project 2016

Sanil Sachar


The need for providing an impetus to creativity in mainstream academic curriculum.

Submitted Jan 14, 2016

To bring about the need for inclusive education in the academia at large and ensure young people are mentored right for pursuing creative pursuits and interests.


The session aims to address audiences of different age groups and backgrounds to stir their creative cauldron and chase their passions. A great professional life is an apt blend of the avocation and the vocation. However, social stereotypes and peer pressure draw lines for most of us. Drawing from personal experiences and his own success story, Sanil shall deliver a talk, which would be very interactive in nature on how best to explore our creative acumen and take it to the next level, so as to optimize it and leverage it in the best possible way. Also, given the plethora of avenues open in the current landscape, creative professions are booming and offer lucrative career options alike. All one needs is a little inspiration to get started and channelize endeavours in the right direction.

This talk would be an open forum, open to participation and cut across audiences of different age groups and backgrounds with an appeal that cuts to the chase and is simple—“If you believe in it, shun conventions and make it happen.”


Laptops or notebooks.

Speaker bio

Sanil Sachar is a 23 year old author from New Delhi who has forayed into the literary world after brief stint in the corporate. Maverick and young, Sanil has never let age weigh him down and chased his passions with indomitable gusto. Having been featured in esteemed magazines such as Travel 3 Sixty (in-flight magazine of Air Asia) and Spice Route (in-flight magazine of SpiceJet), Sanil is also all set to speak at the Jaipur Lit Fest and the Lucknow Lit Fest. He has even inaugurated and addressed a session at Waves 2015. He has a fetish for theatre and is an absolute art connoisseur. He happens to be the co-producer of Mantra, an upcoming film starring Kalki Koechlin, Rajat Kapoor and other esteemed actors from the Bollywood fraternity.

He penned down first piece of work when he was scouted to play football in England at the age of 16, where he completed his high school and graduated with a degree in Sport Business Management from Sheffield Hallam University as an awardee of the universities Sport Business Management Prize. An avid sportsperson, pursuing football far from home inspired Sanil to write in his free time, resulting in the start to his literary journey. His first book Summer Promises and Other Poems was published in 2013.

After graduating from University, he worked with Star Sports but never gave up his persistent desire to pen down one word at a time to finally take up writing full time, resulting in his second book, The Dark Side of Light which is a fitting amalgamation of three genres-prose, poetry and script.

While this young author aspires to inspire others with his work, he has also tried his hands in directing and writing for theatre and aspires to write for films too with hints of this endeavour noticed in his various short stories.


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