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Yuki Ellias


DYING TO SUCCEED? Don't Kill yourself! 7 macabre ways to get there with help from Shakepeare. An audience interative Stand-Up Comedy

Submitted Jan 14, 2016

2016 celebrates 400 years of Shakespeare! He has survived every economy crash. His works have been translated into all major languages and outdone any advertising campaing in terms of memorability. There are growing numbers of copies and avataars of his famous works and character. He was and is what every MNC would like to be! He is a template for artists, thinkers and doers.This talk is to introduce participants to the world and characters of Shakespeare – stories of power, failure, the fools who speak the truth, women in a man’s world, and how he had the gift to show both in his comedies and his tragedies the sometimes unbearable truth of being human. Shakespeare was not just a psychologist presenting case studies- he was an artist and poet with his language, words and stunning imagery. He was also a comedian showing just how insanely idiotic the human race be and if we want to really move forward we have to grow up, start talking, look at problems in the face, and think beyond the throne and titles.


An interactive stand up comedy and workshop. The session will include performances from Shakespeare’s works, modern day interpretations of characters and scenarios, making connections to corporate life and side effects of ruthlessness and excessive competition.



Speaker bio

Yuki Ellias is a performer, director and theatre coach. She trained at the Jacques Lecoq International School of

Theatre in Paris (2003-05) and is a trained pedagogue from the London International School of Performing Arts


As an actress she has performed at international festivals and venues in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Italy and

India. She played the role of “Hermia” in the highly acclaimed production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

directed by Tim Supple and perfromed at venues including the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Swan Theatre in

Stratford Apon Avon, Roundhouse London, Theatre Romano Verona and the Sydney Theatre Company.

As a movement director, she has worked for UK’s leading opera company, Opera North in their production of

“Mozart’s Magic Flute”(2007).

Her debut feature film “Love You To Death” as co writer and actress won the Audience Choice Award at the

Anchorage International Film Festival and the Royal Reel Award at the Canada International Film Festival in 2012.

Currently she is playing the lead role of “Portia” in The Merchant of Venice directed by Vikram Kapadia. She is a

co-producer and actor in the commedia dell’arte play “It’s Not Waht You Tihnk” which has performed for the

Hindu festival, India Habitat Festival & the NCPA Cheer Festival. She made her directorial debut in 2015 with a

sci-fi absurd comedy called CHARGE written by Eric Kaiser and perfromed at the Ranga Shankara Theatre festival

in Bangalore, The Bandra festival Mumbai, NCPA Cheer festival, Prithvi theatre, Blue Frog and Sitara Studio.

She is the founder of DUR SE BROTHERS- producers of Charge, Its Not Waht You Tihnk and The Weird &

Wonderful. Every year, Dur Se Brothers conducts workshops and training sessions for actors, dancers, writers and

theatre makers. These workshops include explorations into Neutral Mask, Physical Theatre, Writing through

Movement, Devising for the Stage, Connecting Motion and Emotion, Comedy Labs, Chorus and ensemble

creations, Creating Characters and Scene Study and Platform Theatre Making.

Yuki is also a convenor and instructor at Drama School Mumbai. She oversees the pedagogical development and

curriculum of the school. She has previously also taught at the Whistling Woods Film School.

As a corporate trainer Yuki specialises in using drama based tecniques for organisational and personal

development. She works with Management By Arts developing and conducting boutique theatre and storytelling

based modules for applied and experential management training. Executive Presence, Communication Skills,

Feedback Skills, Team Dynamics, Inspired Leadership, the Hero’s Journey and Women Leadership are some of

the many programs that she conducts.



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