The Entrepreneurship related track of The Goa Project 2016

Annette Kramer


How to sell anything: Starting conversations listeners want to continue

Submitted Jan 14, 2016

The goal of this workshop is to demystify the process of selling and storytelling and give hands-on practice/feedback on pitching.


The art of persuading people to buy - a premise, a proposition, a product, a mission, or anything else - is much less complex than most people imagine. In fact, we do it every day outside of work in every conversation we have. The key is to focus on what you want to accomplish while keeping in mind how people listen and engage. Then it’s easy to build a persuasive story and keep the conversation going.


The desire to better understand how to persuade - and be the best you you can be as a storyteller.

Speaker bio

Annette Kramer, PhD is the top pitch doctor in London and a business advisor to companies large and small. Her work has helped buisnesses break into new markets, raise investment and excel at sales. She collaborates with executives and managers to craft and deliver more compelling stories that make it obvious to listeners why they should continue the conversation.

Annette’s began in the theatre coaching professional actors, developed content in early NY the tech scene, and has many years of business experience, including 8 years at PricewatershoueCoopers. Clients include multi-national companies, the UK government, tech accelerators, innovation departments at top university, media agencies, and winners of BBC1 Dragon’s Den. She is also the advisor on innovation and social enterprise for the Cambridge Centre for Global Equality and one of 9 Fellows at the think tank St. George’s House, Windsor Castle.


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