Interactive Media and Cinema

Interactive Media and Cinema track of The Goa Project 2016

Amey Asuti


50 Shades of Social Media - How the new media is changing movie marketing

Submitted Dec 31, 2015

Learn how social media is changing movie marketing. As movie makers and movie buffs, we encounter hash tags, promotions, suggestive banners and other tactics to lure audiences to the cinema. We discuss the new media and how it can be used to engage the audience.


From teasers, to interactive websites, hash tags, fan engagement, and contests, digital media is now an integral part of any film’s release strategy. Learn how films and film makers are navigating the new media and utilizing its potential to the fullest.

Speaker bio

Amey Asuti is the founder and CEO of Futuready Media, a full service digital media agency in Mumbai. As a digital marketer, he has worked on innovatively promoting brand films and feature films as well as run-of-the-mill digital strategies for brands.


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