The Goa Project 2018

The Goa Project 2018

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Fountainhead Resort, Alibaug

The Goa Project is an annual “unconference” that brings together a diverse set of people from various fields – to converse, collaborate and co-create. Attendees learn, share, and exchange ideas in a range of different formats.

If you have a topic, skill or insight that you believe is worth conducting a debate, discussion, talk, workshop on, go on and use the Funnel to propose a session for it. If you are a performer - be it a solo act, a band, a magician, or an artist, nominate your performance under the section performance. Performers will be given a slot in the evenings once the session wraps up.

We encourage attendees to vote on the proposed topics. The opinion of our event participants is a key factor while curating the sessions that make it into the final agenda.

We have a framework of tracks - Society, Design, Interactive Media & Cinema, Fringe, Music, Performing Arts, etc. and a separate track for workshops. These are defined as sections in the submission form, we may refine these tracks/sections in the next step of the funnel with YOUR contributions.

Topics related to religion and politics are not accepted. For your proposal to be considered you need to complete the Delegate Application form here

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The Goa Project Funnel The Goa Project is an unconference - where unlike a typical conference, the talks are not put together by a panel or knowledge partner - but is proposed by the attendees themselves. You propose a session or talk that might be of interest to the audience at the unconference, a… more

Nikhita Ghugari


Collaborative workshop on 'Empathy for social impact'

Submitted Oct 5, 2018

Empathy is a key tool from the Design Thinking framework to design solutions that are relevant for all the stakeholders. The aim of the workshop is to understand the power of Empathy to solve challeges and find opportunities in our social environment to create a positive impact. Getting an overview of diverse techniques of Empathy, hands-on application and collaboratively solving a social challenege to creating an impact would be highlights of the workshop.
Anyone with an open mind and keen to solve challenges that are seen around us in our daily life for the betterment of the world is invited for the workshop. We’ll provide you tools to achieve those goals.


The workshop will be facilitated by Swar Raisinghani & Nikhita Ghugari. It will be a 2 hour long collaborative workshop to learn and practice Empathy in an express mode.
After an ice-breaker activity; in the beginning of the workshop, we would be giving an overview of the meaning of Empathy and some examples from our experience of using it on field with the impact that it had created for our clients. Post this quick presentation, we would be immediately jumping on to working in teams of 4-5 with a social challenge given to the each team. We will try to solve the challenge using Empathy as a key tool. Since this will be an express session on Empathy, we would end the session with a quick round of ‘PechaKucha’ style presentaion from each team.


Basic stationery - pens, markers, A3/A4 sheets etc. and an open mind :)

Speaker bio

We (Swar Raisinghani & Nikhita Ghugari) are the co-founders of Xeno Co-lab, a social innovation company focused on creating meaningful, sustainable impact for people and businesses to design unique products, services & experiences. We use Human-Centered Design to help enterprises understand the unarticulated needs of the user and design services that would create a sustainable impact. In the past we have been involved with multiple design institutions for conducting workshops and courses focused around Human-Centered Design and Service Design. Along with this we were recently invited to a global design conference to talk about our thoughts on the innovation mindset that is born out of India - Jugaad.



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Sameer Shisodia

Transitioning Back To The Future

Many of us see and perceive a lot that’s gone wrong with our cities, our economies, and our planet. The circle of concern is huge, and growing. What can the circle of influence be? How do we act on the concerns, and how do we create the opportunity for a saner future for the species? more

08 Oct 2018