On the 6th meetup of The Internals which is happening on 29th March 3:00 - 5:00 pm, we will dive deep into Accessibility in Web. We will discuss how the browser/screen reader treats our HTML,
how different Aria attributes work, we will see a few techniques to improve accessibility and also discuss the toolings for A11y.

This will be an online meetup and you can join it through Zoom video conferencing.

Zoom Link: https://hackerrank.zoom.us/j/250779557

- Types of issues in accessing the web
- Assistive Tech( Screen reader, Switch, adaptive controller etc)
- A11y trees - How the browser understands your HTML
- Role of semantics on A11y
- Tab and Keyboard navigation
- Focus trap
- Impact of using Unicode, and Icons.
- Client-side routing Impact on A11y
- Issues with infinite scroll
- Tooling for A11y

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