We are founded by two well-known industry leaders in data and design (Chandra Narayanan and Julie Zhuo) and backed by investors like Sequoia and Tribe as well as a wonderful group of well-known CEOs (Coda, Airtable), product operators (Facebook, Airbnb, Shopify, Uber) and one band (Chainsmokers).

Our mission is to help product companies make better decisions through high-quality analysis and rich storytelling narratives.

Products today are taking less and less time to get to 100K, 1M, and 10M users, which means builders increasingly need fast, actionable data insights for decision-making at scale.

That’s where data scientists come in. A great data scientist knits stories about user behavior, finds problem areas and opportunities, and aligns product teams on how to prioritize and focus their efforts.

Our goal is to build a tool that automates much of the manual work of data scientists to understand the holistic story of a product’s past performance, so data scientists can be freed to work on strategic analysis for the future.

We focus on the quality of analysis and the craft of storytelling because product data should be easy for anyone at a company--executives, engineers, pms, designers, marketers--to understand and get aligned on.

We believe better usage of data leads to better products, and better products lead to better experiences for people.

The heart of our company is located in Bangalore. We offer competitive salaries, generous equity, and an open, transparent, and bottoms-up culture that is focused on growth, ownership, and a pursuit of excellence.

Come join us in building the future of data storytelling!

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