Bangalore Site Speed 6th Edition

The 6th edition of Bangalore Sitespeed meetup is here!

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Greetings!! It is time for the 6th edition of the Bangalore Site Speed Meetup

Our community is once again looking forward to hear about the storeis of web optimization and infrastructure tuning. If you have a story to tell, we are here to listen!

Please upload your talk or workshop proposals at the hasgeek link provided

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This is a focus group for engineers to share the learnings from industry wide technical expertise on how they analyze & improve the website and mobile application performance. We will be hosting talks & workshops on various layers of web including hardware, network, cloud infra, DNS, CDN, applicati… more

Tejas Dinkar


Simple Tips for improving GraphQL performance

Submitted Aug 16, 2021

This is a beginner to intermediate talk on some tricks you can use to make graphql requests faster. As part of this talk, I’ll cover:
* why graphql ( briefly)
* bunching queries
* Using apollo automatic persisted queries
* writing resolvers for data loading
* Using @defer and @stream to offload expensive queries (beta)

And maybe some more topics if i can think of them


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