May 2024 Rustacean meetup

May 2024 Rustacean meetup

This will be an in person meetup, and we are happy to accept submissions for talks, if any.

Anyone interested in Rust is welcomed to join. While we will have no specific agenda, attendees can discuss, speak or ask about

  • Get help or clarification on any specific topic or question
  • Speak about a project or something you are working or looking to work on
  • Share any specific experience on using Rust in any of your projects
  • Discuss any book/topic/library/blog in Rust
  • Want to propose a reading group?
  • Anything Rust

Hosted by

A community of rust-lang contributors and end-users from Bangalore. We also have presence on the following telegram channels Twitter handle: more



Introducing Superposition - a flexible, safe and powerful Open Source Configuration Management System

Submitted Apr 23, 2024

Most non-trivial applications need a robust and flexible configuration system. Such a system becomes all the more important when the same feature needs to behave differently for different users. At Juspay, we needed a configuration system with the following properties:

  • First, it should be flexible, allowing teams to make changes quickly without application deployment.
  • Second, it should be Safe - ensuring that the value provided for a configuration is type correct, and the rollout of such a change is staggered.

We looked around for off-the-shelf software and did not find anything that met these requirements, so we built Superposition.

Superposition is a context-based configuration management system designed to facilitate safe and flexible rollout of config changes.

This is enabled by two key components of Superposition.

  • Context Aware Config (CAC) - Lets you do granular configuration based on contextual data.
  • Experimentation - Lets you do A/B configuration deployment, allowing controlled rollout and rollback mechanisms.

From discussions with multiple teams, we feel our requirements for a configuration system are universal. Teams inside Juspay like Juspay Portal, Hyper SDK and Namma Yatri have started to leverage Superposition to manage their complex configuration use-cases in production.

We have open sourced Superposition recently

Key highlights

  • Admin UI - Out of the box administration (and tools) UI for configurations and experiments
  • Rich API support - every action on the platform to manage configurations / experiments is supported with an accompanying API
  • Safe configuration changes - support canary testing for releasing configuration changes using experiments
  • Type/Validation support - Comprehensive type support using json-schema and custom validator function support for configuration values
  • Multi-tenant support - a single deployment allows multiple tenants to manage their configurations/experiments in a completely isolated manner
  • Authn/Authz support - control who can make configuration/experimentation changes


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Hosted by

A community of rust-lang contributors and end-users from Bangalore. We also have presence on the following telegram channels Twitter handle: more