Rootconf  project

A discussion on the technical alternatives to internet shutdowns

Understanding how to leverage alternative communication networks

Rootconf is a platform for SRE, DevOps, security and InfoSec developers and cloud operators. We bring the community together through talks, workshops and events.

Seminar hall 1 and 2, Kamaladevi block, India International Centre (IIC), New Delhi, New Delhi

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Duration of talks:
1. Short talk with demo: 15 mins
2. Explainer talk: 30 mins
3. Explainer talk with demo: 40 mins

5 minutes of Q&A will be allotted in addition for each talk.

Reviews and comments will be posted for each idea submitted. If you want to get your ideas on this topic reviewed, submit a proposal.

Who can submit a talk:

  1. Hands-on practitioners working on communication technologies – from businesses, civil society groups, and individuals who have tried their approaches during shutdowns.
  2. Journalists, researchers and hands-on practitioners who have deeper understanding of how internet shutdowns operate and their impact on economy and society.

If you have questions about submitting talks, write to or call 7676332020.

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Confirmed sessions

Leveraging Community Radio as an alternative during internet shutdowns

Ramakrishnan Nagarajan

  • Mon, 13 Jan

LoRaWAN Demystified and its applications beyong IoT

Akshai M (@akshaim)

  • Thu, 9 Jan

An Open Mobile Radio Network

Ashhar Farhan (@afarhan)

  • Wed, 8 Jan

Unconfirmed proposals

Impact of internet shutdown on daily lives

Rifat Mohidin

  • Mon, 13 Jan