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Artificial intelligence techniques for the effective resource management over the cloud

Submitted by Manjunath (@manjunath-123) on Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Section: Tutorials Technical level: Intermediate Session type: Tutorial Status: Submitted


Today, the cloud infrastructure is limited by the haphazard packaging of applications being offered as the service. Most of the time, a big application holds the resources and lacks flexibility while a short one calls for too many transactions with the peripherals to realize a solution. To address the same in cloud native, a mechanism based on the traffic statistics, buffer dynamics and intended SLA s( service level agreement) will be discussed. A use case implemented in the past significantly reduces the latency while rendering UI objects for test automation.
Another feature of the cloud native is the dynamic scheduling of the containers. The same would be illustrated with the help of a prediction based scheduler. Improvement in the quality of service (QoS ) parameters would be illustrated.


cloud features
CLoud issues
AI based solutions Case study


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Speaker bio

Dr. Manjunath Ramachandra is working as Principal consultant at the AI research group of Wipro Limited. He has a blend of academic and industry experience over two decades. He has filed about 50 patents, chaired 33 conferences, conducted 17 tutorials and workshops, authored 180 Research papers in international conferences and journals and a book. He represented the industry in international standardization bodies such as Wi-Fi Alliance, served as the editor for the regional profiles standard in Digital living network alliance (DLNA) and as the industry liaison officer for the CE-Linux Forum. His areas of research include deep learning, NLP, AI applications etc.


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