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Deploy your Rails application with Openshift

Submitted by Rahul Bajaj (@rabajaj) on Friday, 2 March 2018

Technical level: Beginner Status: Under evaluation


Ruby on Rails is not only hugely sought-after in the tech industry, it’s a language and framework that’s also very accessible to people of varying skillsets and experience. Ruby on Rails can be less off-putting than some other coding languages that demand a great deal of theoretical knowledge before you even write your first line of code.
So we can come to a conclusion that Ruby on Rails is easy but deploying the application is a tough job! Lets me show you how easy it is to deploy your application with Openshift using your own custom Docker Compose file.


a) We will create a simple Rails application.
b) Create a docker image and a compose file.
c) Use Openshift to deploy the application.

Speaker bio

Rahul is an Associate Software Engineer, Red Hat. He is a part of the official foreman organization( He contributes mostly to the Foreman project and is a ‘Red Hat Certified Specialist in Configuration Management’. He is also the organizer of Foreman Pune Meetups. He likes to talk, travel, code and drink beer!


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