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On DevOps, security, cloud and IT infrastructure

Decoding the maze of DevOps

Submitted by Mehul Ved (@mehulved) on Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Technical level: Beginner


Getting started with DevOps? Lost in the unending list of terms - CI/CD, Deployment, Config Management, Monitoring, Central Logging, Orchestration, Unit Testing, Integration Testing???
Let me help you in decoding these and getting you started with your DevOps journey.


A run through the various concepts without delving into details of any tools but using examples to explain subtle differences between various tools allowing the audience to understand what suits them the best.
The talk will start with traditional approach to managing systems and touches upon how the new approaches enhance the old style. Then go over the different concepts covering how it fits in.

Speaker bio

Graduating from a system administrator to DevOps engineer(huh! o_O) involved a long learning curve, the hardest part was differentiating between various tools and technologies and allowing the right tool to do the right job.


  • Gaurav Chaturvedi (@tazz) a year ago

    Is this going to be more about the word devops exists or a rundown of what the terms mean?

  • Mehul Ved (@mehulved) Proposer a year ago

    @tazz this is going to be more about the terms, the concepts, how and why should it be used by projects of all sizes, differenciate between adjacent concepts. I can also add examples of tools we use/used and what worked, what didn’t.

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