Netconf 2020 edition

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Measuring the internet using RIPE Atlas

Submitted by Swapneel Patnekar (@swapneelp) on Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Format of the session: Hands-on workshop (3 hours) Status: Confirmed & Scheduled

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Internet measurements are important and userful for everybody and not limited to network engineers, developers, researchers etc The internet is a network of networks. The RIPE Atlas project provides a lens to view how the networks behave from various vantage points. Using the RIPE Atlas system, anyone can run internet measurements to troubleshoot, understand how the internet works & carry out research.


The key take-ways of this workshop are,
1. Introduction to the RIPE Atlas project
2. Using the RIPE Atlas system
3. Creating various measurements (ping, traceroute, DNS, SSL/TLS, NTP and HTTP)
4. Use cases


Participants need to bring their laptops.

Speaker bio

Swapneel is a network engineer, developer, researcher with interests in Unix systems, networking and security. In addition to being a RIPE Atlas Ambassador, connecting probes on uncharted Autonomous Systems, he delivers workshops and talks on various topics such as DNS/DNSSEC, Network Security etc.


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