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Using CentOS to create a sustainable IoT development model

Submitted by Jim Perrin (@jperrin) on Mar 30, 2017

Section: Full talk of 40 mins duration Technical level: Beginner Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


IoT is growing explosively, but we often hear about security failings around poor development. In this talk, we’ll look at what lessons we can take from using a full traditional linux distribution as the base of our IoT platform, and how we can package updates for distribution.

The audience for this talk is anyone with an interest in basic IoT development.


In this talk, I’ll cover common bad practices in IoT, why a full distribution isn’t as crazy as it sounds for an IoT platform, and the tradeoffs for using one over the other.

Speaker bio

Jim has been a member of the CentOS project for over a decade, and is the maintainer of the ARMv8/AArch64 port of the CentOS Linux distribution.


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