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Real-time monitoring GlusterFS using event APIs

Submitted by Aravinda VK (@aravindavk) on Sunday, 9 April 2017

Section: Full talk of 40 mins duration Technical level: Beginner

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Previously to monitor GlusterFS, applications had to run the cluster/volume status commands in periodic intervals. Let us imagine a Gluster monitoring system which displays a list of volumes and its state, to show the real-time status, monitoring app need to query the Gluster in regular interval to check volume status, new volumes, etc. Assume if the polling interval is 5 seconds then monitoring app has to run gluster volume info command ~17000 times a day!

With Gluster 3.9 release, Events APIs are available which can be consumed by registering applications as Webhooks. A monitoring application can get real-time status of Cluster without polling or with minimal polling.

In this talk, we will learn about Events APIs and how it can be used for monitoring GlusterFS


  • Introduction to Gluster FS
  • Challenges involved in real-time monitoring of a distributed File system(GlusterFS)
  • Events APIs Introduction
  • Demo
  • Example application
  • Future plans of Gluster Events APIs


Basic Knowledge of GlusterFS(Optional)

Speaker bio

Aravinda works as Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat, in GlusterFS team where he contributes to Geo-replication, Glusterfind, Events APIs and other components.




  • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) 2 years ago

    Please upload and share link – by end of this week – to a two min preview video explaining what this talk is all about and why should the audience attend it. We also require draft slides to evaluate this proposal.

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