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MiniShift: Run OpenShift Locally

Submitted by Praveen Kumar on Apr 10, 2017

Section: Crisp talk of 15 mins duration Technical level: Beginner Status: Rejected


Kubernetes is becoming the defacto standard for container orchestration. OpenShift is a Kubernetes distribution which is tailor made for enterprises. It has some extra features on top of Kubernetes to make it a full fledged container platform or platform as a service (PaaS).

Minishift provides a CLI tool for running OpenShift locally on the workstation for day-to-day use. The objective of Minishift is to make OpenShift easier for developers. The idea is to empower developers to use OpenShift on their workstations for day to day development of containerized applications. After the development they then move the application to a proper OpenShift setup which should be part of a CICD pipeline.


  • Introduction to Minishift
  • Quick start
  • Features
  • Demo of Minishift quick start
  • Demo of deploying an application in OpenShift running in Minishift.


  • Curious to learn

Speaker bio

Praveen Kumar works at Red Hat, in developers tool team where he build tools to help developers to build containerized application.




  • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) 3 years ago

    Please upload and share link to a two min preview video explaining what this talk is all about, and why this should be presented at DevConf.

  • followersuk uk (@buyinstagramuk) 7 months ago

    Run OpenShift locally. Minishift is a tool that helps you run OpenShift locally by running a single-node OpenShift cluster inside a VM. You can try out OpenShift or develop with it, day-to-day, on your local host. Minishift uses libmachine for provisioning VMs, and OpenShift Origin for running the cluster.
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