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Why netbanking sucks and how to fix it


Suman Kar


Security is hard. Designing user experience (UX) around security is harder. Yet almost everyday, we are forced to make security related decisions across multiple connected devices we own. Sometimes we make these choices for ourselves, and sometime we impose our choices subtly on others with whom we share these devices. Proliferation of personal IoT devices exacerbates this problem, and in some cases, even forces sub-optimal security choices.

Why is UX around security so hard? What are we thinking when we make these choices around security in our daily lives? How should one go about designing UX to — as Mozilla puts it — “enlighten and empower” informed choice?

In this session we will dive into behavioral psychology, and human-computer interaction studies, and formulate a set of key principles to use when designing UX around security choices. We will apply these principles to evaluate a popular and high-security workflow we use daily — netbanking services.

Preview available here:!Au4kkP8CklsegbYeJeUlN4h1TxyD_A?e=b1YlTq