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Case studies on how organizations implement data privacy.

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Privacy First Product Alternatives in a Data Rich Tech World


Ravi Sethia


They say data is the new oil and gold, but if it’s so, why are we letting it spill out from our hands so easily and let someone else become the king of the mine!

For those unaware or even those who feel they are privacy experts, there is a huge dearth of options to actions which are part of everyday life.

Be it like saving a contact to WhatsApp someone, or accepting permissions of an SMS expense manager app, or an act as simple as doing a UPI payment/recharge, majority of apps will compromise on your privacy goals! Is there really a way to plug those privacy leaks?

What can be done to make most of our everyday work privacy friendly, what alternates to common services exists which are robust offerings?
What have privacy geeks been using, can more people be made aware of their tips and tricks?

In this session, we can bring to stage, products and hacks that allow exploration of alternative solutions to common privacy leak problems in everyday things an Indian user does.

The other side of this is where developers and founders can learn examples & strategies of building privacy friendly services while not compromising on user experience.

Open source community enthusiasts can look at exploring alternative solutions and how they can fill the gap by building new products.

What’s in store, tricks like
→ store whatsapp numbers in format and message anyone
→ recommendations for apps like Microsoft SMS organizer which stores SMSes on device and not on its servers and yet provide quick OTP read and reminders

More examples:
Providing Google access to location for using an app or filing an address - Google Maps the uncessary evil!
Using tools like Grammarly or Gboard where may feel risk losing your data to the giants on what you type or get tagged for advertising purposes basis the text you just typed.

Is there really a way to live life off the radar if you wanted to while not losing your mind over the privacy concerns in 2021! Join us and collaborate to bust unfounded fears and bring insightful recommendations to make help make your digital life in your control