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Debugging your Serverless application

Submitted by Madhusudan Shekar (@madhushekar23) on Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Technical level: Intermediate


As application design goes microservices and serverless, it introduces new challenges in debugging and diagnosis of your application. In here we will look at the tools, capabilities and practices to monitor, diagnose and optimize your application. We will step through sync and async lambda calls, use cloudwatch logs, take a look at x-ray. We will walk through bad code, diagnose it and make it potentially good code.


  • What is Serverless
  • A sample serverless application design with code
  • Challenges during development and run time
  • Understanding Cloudwatch logs
  • Tracing calls across services
  • Amazon X-Ray and how it works, how to use it
  • Make code changes to make the application better based on data
  • Optimize Database calls and connections
  • Q & A

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