Miniconf on Cloud Server Management (Chennai)

On costs, scaling and securing cloud servers

Participate venturing to private cloud

Submitted by Kalyanasundaram Somasundaram (@kaly4n) on Monday, 23 October 2017

Technical level: Intermediate

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We started with setting up a self service platform for projects and helping them to migrate from traditional bare metal infrastructure. This will highlight our goals, tool selection(cloudstack), feature selection, problems we faced, workarounds we did in setting up the private cloud


Justification to move to cloud
Transition plan from baremetal infra
Problems we faced in our stack
How far are we from the goal

Speaker bio

Kalyanasundaram, working as Lead Devops Engineer,



  • Rishu Mehrotra (@gadgetmnky) a year ago

    Reasons to move to cloud: Could we have some more details while explaining “efficient utilization”? Some before/after metrics/numbers would be very eye catching.

    Transition plan : Some flowchart might be easier for audience to understand the same.

    Cloudstack vs Openstack : Comparisons are always easier to read/explain in a tabular format

    “AWS like” - Looks like the ultimate goal was HA for block and object storage. Might be a good idea to state that as actual Goals and then give AWS example

    Slide 9 : Whole lot of text. Can we reduce this to readable/summarised bullet points?

    Do we have more slides post slide 12 ? Audience might want to understand the milestones achieved; and the key challenges/takeaways from the extire exercise (as a summary)

    • Kalyanasundaram Somasundaram (@kaly4n) Proposer a year ago

      Incorporated most of the changes
      Thanks for the suggestion @gadgetmnky

    • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) a year ago

      Excellent review, and great catches. Thanks @gadgetmnky.

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