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Not everything can fit in rows and columns

Submitted by Ashok Vishwakarma (@ashokvishwakarma) on Oct 17, 2019

Section: Full talk (40 mins) Category: Others Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


Wanted to use Graph Database in your next project? Dgraph made it simple and easy to get started similar to MongoDB, MySQL and etc.


The Graph Database is has been there from a very long time with very restricted use as it requires a lot of time and effort to get started. The way data becoming more unstructured and fitting them in rows and columns is painful, NoSQL solves some problem but it kills the valuable relationship between data.

The Dgraph is a new Graph Database minimizing the time and effort requires to get started with a Graph Database or using a Graph Database as a primary database.

This talk is to get you a heads up about Dgraph as a database, how it can help you with your unstructured data and what it takes to use it in your next project.



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GDE - Web Technologies & Angular | AVP-Engineering, | Ex. PayTM, PayU | 13+ yrs of Experience



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  • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) 8 months ago (edited 8 months ago)

    Thanks for an interesting proposal, Ashok. The slides are quite thorough. Here are some questions based on review:

    1. Which tools are similar to and compare with DGraph? Why pick DGraph over similar solutions/tools/approaches?
    2. You have mentioned the pros and cons of DGraph. Can you show instances of pros and cons in production? Production use cases and examples will help participants relate much better to the points you are making?

    Look forward to your responses.

  • Ashok Vishwakarma (@ashokvishwakarma) Proposer 8 months ago (edited 8 months ago)

    There are many Graph Databases like Neo4j, cayley and etc, but they all have some sort of limitation and due to which they cannot be used a primary database. Dgraph is a complete solution having tons of features and functionalities which makes it useable as a primary database for any application. Further to the benchmark please go through these links

    If you plan to run your benchmark, please visit this Github repo for details

  • Anwesha Sarkar (@anweshaalt) 7 months ago

    Hi Ashok,

    Here is the feedback from today’s rehearsal :

    1. Pace your talk down.
    2. Add pictorial representations.
    3. Dig into the idea of Dgraph rather Graph QL.
    4. Add take away slide.
    5. Add a conclusion slide.
    6. Add a slide which explains all the terms.
    7. Do not start your talk with a ‘so’.
    8. Be gender neutral no usage of “Guys”.


  • Anwesha Sarkar (@anweshaalt) 7 months ago

    Hi Ashok,

    Submit your revised slides by 18th December, 2019.


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