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Merging two live data-centers into one

Submitted by Anush Arvind (@anusharvind) on Nov 16, 2019

Category: SRE Section: Full talk (40 mins) Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


Freshworks products were hosted in two data centers in Europe, viz. Ireland and Frankfurt. We launched Ireland data center in 2015 and Frankfurt in 2017 due to business requirements. As soon as we launched Frankfurt, existing customers from Ireland region wanted to move to the Frankfurt. Frankfurt also has better security and data isolation policies comparatively. We could save up on infrastructure expenses considerably by maintaining/monitoring only one data center in Europe. Will talk about how we merged the Ireland Data center into Frankfurt.


Key challenges that we’ll discuss about:
Both are live data centers serving few thousands of requests per minute, for high paying customers.
Each and every component of our infrastructure had to be migrated and in some cases, merged.
Merging one data store into another had its own complexities of writing into live data stores and handling collisions of various data.
Existing customers in Frankfurt data center shouldn’t be affected.
Not all data stores have live replication options possible.
Customers using their own domains in freshservice had pointed to Ireland resources in their DNS settings.
Different services were used for similar data stores across the two DCs.



Speaker bio

Anush - Senior Software Engineer, Devops @ Freshworks.




  • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) 7 months ago

    Hello Anush, we want to see draft slides of the content you are planning to cover in this talk to make a clear decision about your talk. Please share the slides by 25 January latest.

  • Anush Arvind (@anusharvind) Proposer 7 months ago


    I’ve included the slides.

  • Anush Arvind (@anusharvind) Proposer 7 months ago


    I joined the google meet for the proposal review and was waiting for 15 minutes for someone to let me join the meeting. No one logged in and after 15 minutes the meet ended saying no one joined to let you in.

  • Anwesha Sarkar (@anweshaalt) 7 months ago

    Hello Anush,

    Thank you for the submission of slides and preview video. Here is the feedbaack for the slides :

    • The slides are too text heavy, specially the “Problems” and “Chalenges slide”.
    • Add a slide introducing you.
    • Add take away slide
    • Add conclusion slide

    Submit the revised slides by 30th November, 2019 (latest).


    • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) 7 months ago

      The slides are very text heavy. The font size on the slides should be at least 30-32 point.

      Visuals and diagrams in the slides will be helpful (citing sources for the visuals).

  • Anush Arvind (@anusharvind) Proposer 7 months ago


    I’ve aleady worked on the text part (can see in the video), these extra slides will include and update. Will have it ready for the rehersal.

    • Anwesha Sarkar (@anweshaalt) 7 months ago

      Hello Anush,

      Here are the feedaback from today’s rehearsal:

      Can you start with a war story? This will help you connect your
      The start was real shaky. The speaker needs to be more confident.
      The tone was monotonous.
      Do not start with a “so’.
      Explain the challenges with some real life examples, (may be some funny or scary story).
      The copyright declaration of the mim needs to be mentioned.
      Include pictorial representation, (especially in the learning section).
      Can you refer to the stuff you did at the conclusion?
      You can choose the license for your slide and presentation from here

      Submit your revised slides by 5th December 2019.

      The second rehearsal has been set up on 3rd January 2020. See you there.


  • Anush Arvind (@anusharvind) Proposer 7 months ago


    Included updated slides. Will work on the other points and be ready for the next rehersal.

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