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On infrastructure security, DevOps and distributed systems.

Log Analytics with ELK stack (Architecture for aggressive cost optimization and infinite data scale)

Submitted by Denis Dsouza (@denisdsouza) on Jan 13, 2019

Technical level: Beginner Section: Full talk of 40 mins duration Status: Confirmed & scheduled


Should you build your own log analytics platform or buy one of the many many services out there? Well, we evaluated, compared and decided to build a self managed ELK stack because none of them fit our requirements.
In this session, we will walk through various design choices we made to have a high performing log analytics cluster, aggressively optimized for cost and support for infinite data scale without exponentially increasing cost.
If you are planning on setting up or re-looking at your log analytics, this could be interesting to you.


Business Requirements/Use Cases
- Log analysis platform (Application, Web-Server, Database logs)
- Data Ingestion rate: ~300GB/day
- Frequently accessed data: last 8 days
- Infrequently accessed data: 82 days (90 - 8 days)
- Uptime: 99.90
- Hot Retention period: 90 days
- Cold Retention period: 90 days (with potential to increase)
- Cost effective solution

Areas of optimization
- Application
- Infrastructure

Cost Optimization
- Replica counts and its impacts
- How to run ELK on Spot instances correctly.
- EBS Costs can be high, how to set up Hot / Cold data storage
- Auto Scaling
- On-demand ELK Cluster

Infinite Data Retention
- How to setup S3 as a hot backup
- Recover on Demand

- Cost/GB data ingested
- Trade-offs made
- DR mechanisms

- Building a log analytics is not rocket science. But it can be painfully iterative if you are not aware of the options. Be aware of the trade-offs you are OK making and you can roll out a solution specifically optimized for that.


Have a need for setting up a log-analytics system at scale or has already done the same.

Speaker bio

I am a DevOps Engineer at Moonfrog Labs.
I have over 6 years of experience and have worked with a variety of technologies in both service-based and product-based organisations.
Now exploring technology in gaming at its best in Moonfrog Labs for the past 1.5 year.

How do I spend my free time ?
Learning new technologies and playing PC games



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