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The Art of Exfiltration : Digital Skimming

Submitted by Arjun BM (@arjunbm) on Thursday, 4 July 2019

Section: Crisp talk (20 mins) Category: Security Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


The explosion of online digital e-commerce platforms has triggered a race for customer acquisition which no retailer wants to lose or be left out of. As businesses look to deliver faster, easier and better services, security has always been an important factor in the customer value-chain. E-commerce websites continue to be lucrative targets to threat actors, who seek to compromise sensitive guest information. Several high-profile data breaches of ecommerce sites in 2018 has once again forced security researchers to don their thinking hats. New threat actors and vectors are emerging, making online shopping a riskier proposition. While not sacrificing customer experience, how can businesses stay safe in a highly competitive and ever-changing environment? What can be done to safeguard customer data and promote online shopping confidence?
A “digital skimmer” is a malicious JavaScript code embedded into checkout page of hacked websites, to capture payment information of customers. The talk provides an introduction to digital skimming and its recent history, highlighting why this poses high risk to businesses. The workflow of digital skimming operations uncovers how stolen data is monetized in underground markets. The talk will next explore various threat actors involved and attack techniques employed in this type of attack. Diving deeper into code will provide insights into the nuts and bolts of a digital skimmer. Digital skimming being a complex threat, has various challenges in understanding and dealing with it. Lastly, we will look at various counter-measures that can be implemented to reduce the risk of digital skimmers, which can help protect customer data and brand reputation.


Digital skimming is a threat which many CISOs admit, keeps them up at night. This talk is a comprehensive analysis, articulated from a rare combination of theoretical understanding and applied practical experience of this threat. The real-life hands-on operational experience the speaker has had in dealing with this threat is invaluable information. The talk is crisp, concise and purposeful - focused at providing key take-aways to the audience and equipping them with the capability to strengthen security controls within their own organization.


Speaker bio

Arjun is a Lead Information Security Analyst at Target Corporation. He is a security professional with diverse experience in architecting, designing, implementing & supporting IT Security & Vulnerability Management solutions in Enterprise & Cloud environments. He is an information security enthusiast with diverse experience in areas like Application Security, Security Architecture, DevSecOps, Cloud Security & Machine Learning. Currently, Arjun is working as a Security Analyst ensuring end-to-end implementation, design and governance of security measures for Target’s Digital & Marketing e-commerce platforms, aimed at brand protection and improving guest confidence. He has been closely following the digital skimming threat and is actively involved within his organization to research upon and ensure that defenses are in place to counter this threat.


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  • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) 10 months ago

    Thanks for this proposal, Arjun. We are confirming your talk for Rootconf Pune. The next steps from here are mainly with respect to improving the slides, with the following pointers:

    1. Current slides are very text heavy. Reduce the text on the slides by not having more than 3 bullet points per slide.
    2. Move all the text details into the speaker notes so that you can use this for reference.
    3. Increase the font size to 32.
    4. Add visuals/graphs/images to the slides, where appropriate.
    5. Consider starting the presentation by explaining the same attack that happened to 17,000 websites last week. Draw some images from here to help set the context and flow.
    6. Wherever you use images from other sources, add attribution.

    Submit revised slides by 31 July so that we can conduct a pre-event rehearsal.

  • Anwesha Sarkar (@anweshaalt) 10 months ago

    Hi Arjun,

    The feedback regarding your slides are as follows:

    • Add an Introductory slide introducing yourself
    • Avoid having text heavy slides.
    • Can you have challenges and counter measures in two different slides?
    • The ending slide should have your contact credentials.
    • Add a take away slide.


  • Anwesha Sarkar (@anweshaalt) 9 months ago

    Hello Arjun,

    These are the feedback from today’s rehearsal:

    Avoid having the agenda slide, it will save some time.
    Need more energy in the talk.
    Include an ending slide, having your contact details.
    Include why the JS libraries are malicious?
    Explain the threat policy?
    Include the Vial integrity monitoring
    Divide the slides into different parts.
    Need to go deep in explaining to the code.
    Need The information attack vector
    Start the talk with a story and then progress with the problem.
    Include demo
    Explanation of what is there in the slides will be nice.
    Dark web aspect is unclear, confusing.
    How exactly does the attack happen? Include more visualization / slides.
    Source of reference for the stats.
    Case studies to be explained a little further.
    Got analogy needs to be mentioned with more context
    File integrity monitoring
    Code visibility was not there.
    Refer to Lava’s talk.
    Explain the Game of Thrones analogy

    Submit your revised slides by 30th August (latest).


  • Anwesha Das (@anweshasrkr) 9 months ago

    Thank you Arjun we will get back to you with the feedback.


  • Anwesha Sarkar (@anweshaalt) 9 months ago

    The feedback from today’s rehearsal :

    1. Time taken :21 minutes.
    2. The introduction slide is text heavy.
    3. Threat actors slide - how have you made the groups?
    4. Counter measures : how 2fa will help? How the chain management will help as a counter measures.
    5. Include some data points.
    6. Screenshot image - the slide should be broken down 3 slides.
    7. Include alter measures in real time.

    Submit the revised slides by this Friday.


  • Anwesha Sarkar (@anweshaalt) 8 months ago

    Data Exflirtation and the digital skimming two topics go hand in hand. Let us have a look at this talk by Lavakumar delivered at Rootconf 2019, to have a overview of the topic.

    To further the discussion on digital skiming join Arjun on his talk on Digital Skimming at Rootconf Pune 2019.

  • Anwesha Sarkar (@anweshaalt) 8 months ago (edited 8 months ago)

    MageCart Attack

    MageCart Attack, this data harvesting attack added a new dimension to the data exfiltration. The impact of the attack was enormous. The attackers managed to steal millions of customers’ credit card information. Among many other companies Britsih Airways, and ticketmaster are the primary ones to lose the data. More than the massive scale of the data being lost, what is interesting is that the period for which the attack took place. For British Airways the attack took place for half a month to steel 500K data. For the period was 1 month and the data stolen was 45K. The most prolonged period was 8months; during that period, 40 K data was stolen from ticketmaster.

    MageCart: How were a group of cybercriminals able to make e-commerce giants fall on their knees? Read about it here:

    To know more about this join Arjun on his talk on Digital Skimming, at Rootconf Pune 2019.

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